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Fiscal Responsibility

budgetWith the current City Council voting to raise the Mesa sales tax by 23%, which will be on our November ballot, it is time for the voters to start paying attention.  As a fiscal conservative, Jeremy promises the residents of District 2 that he will use his council seat to make sure Mesa is the type of city where residents will be able to live, work, and play while maintaining a budget not ridden with debt.

Among his priorities will be working with his fellow council members toward a balanced city budget, as required by Arizona state law, without the need for tax increases. This can be accomplished by examining existing budgetary items and making sure they are still necessary and relevant today.  

Jeremy would like to further develop city parks and find ways to enhance Mesa’s light-rail system so that residents can use it to get to and from work, as well as to entertainment venues in town.  While these items will cost money it is essential for the economic redevelopment which is much needed in parts of the city.

“We’re spending almost 25% of our expenditure on servicing our current debt.  Furthermore, we have to be careful about transferring money to our general operating fund from our enterprise fund and then pushing for bonds to alleviate the lack of funds on the enterprise side. We know the voters have no choice but to approve the enterprise bonds because they are essential to have a functioning city.  While this may work in times of economic hardship for the city, it should be used sparingly. Furthermore, we now have some of the most expensive utility rates when compared to other cities.  These services are vital and this makes it difficult for citizens already cash strapped.”  -Jeremy Whittaker