Who’s Buying Your Mayor and Mesa City Council? Ever Wonder Why?

One of the things I find most disturbing in politics is the disconnect between politicians and the people they are supposed to represent. I believe the main cause of this is politicians are mainly concerned about the individuals and companies bankrolling their political campaigns. What I decided to do is start building out this database of all the campaign donors and who they gave money to over the last two election cycles. I then created a column labeled, “Project/Notes” this column will show what business the person or company has done with the City of Mesa. If they haven’t done any then it will be a link to their business.

Database of campaign donors

This is intended to be a living community document. If you’re interested in contributing data to this please let me know, contact. The data can be found here – Mesa City Council campaign donors.

I hope we can build a better community by ending this crony capitalism. This is essential to move our city forward.