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Federal COVID funds should be for those in need not to balance our budget

I’m extremely disappointed in what the Mesa City Council and management did today. We received $90 million from the federal government to support people in our community who have been impacted by COVID-19. Instead of putting this money to use in our community to support things like rent/mortgage, food, and utilities for our residents we’re …

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Mesa CARES Small Business Reemergence Program

The City of Mesa received $90 million in stimulus from the federal government. Of that money, roughly $20 million will be spent to help small businesses impacted by Covid-19. The money will need to be spent on rent, mortgage, or utilities. Applications will open on Monday, May 11th at 8AM. You can apply here – …

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2020 Mesa Voter Demographics

2019 Mesa Average Residential Household Cost Comparison

2019 Mesa Average Residential Household Cost Comparison The purpose of this report is to analyze the amount paid by the typical Mesa household for direct services provided by the City of Mesa. These amounts are then compared to seven other comparable cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  This report takes into account property tax, sales …

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Why I’m voting no on Mesa’s Question 1, “home rule”

  In 2016 “Question 1” on your ballot asked if you wanted to increase your sales tax by 23% to pay for an ASU campus to be built in downtown Mesa.  Overwhelming you said, “no”. However, this year the City Council decided to blatantly ignore your vote. This political maneuver was pulled off by increasing …

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