Memory handler errors in MT4 while importing history files or csv files

I no longer trade using Metatrader. I noticed users kept hitting an invalid link on my website to this search phrase. So the purpose of this post is to catch those invalid links related to Metatrader. I would recommend learning Python and custom developing your algorithms. It will be much more rewarding.

If you have issues with Memory handler errors in MT4 it is because you’re trying to convert too many symbols at the same time. Close all of your charts and only leave open the pair you’re working with. When you’re done close it and go on to the next. This will get rid of the memory errors that MT4 complains about once terminal.exe starts to use more than 1GB of memory.

Attached are zip files I had or that I was working on for Metatrader. I don’t know if they’re up to date, if they work, or support them in any form.

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