Get thousands in repair costs if your vehicle was damaged on the US60 back in November

If you’re like me and live east of the US60 there is a good chance you were driving home one random day in November only to be hit with a barrage of rocks and other asphalt materials. The cause of this was neglect by ADOT when they ripped off the asphalt layer of the freeway and didn’t clean it up properly. If you drove through this you can get the repairs paid for by the state of Arizona. Below is how I filed my claim.

Here are the steps:

  • Get quotes to fix your vehicle and include them
  • Take a picture of the damage print it out and send it with the form
  • Take a picture of your registration and send it with the form
  • Take a picture of your license plate and send it with the form
  • Google tracks everywhere you go if this feature is turned on using something called Google Maps Timeline. I would include this as well showing travel through the area on that specific day. I don’t know if this is necessary but it makes it a lot harder to refudiate your claim. Here is my sample that I included.
  • Mail all of this to the Attorney General and if he’s not busy playing with nunchucks that day the state will send out an insurance adjuster they will then ask you to sign a form called “RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS” and if everything checks out you will receive a check in the mail for your repairs.

And last step, cash check.

The annoyance of Arizona politicians endlessly bashing California to pander to Arizona citizens

I’m reading this article tonight on the Wall Street Journal where Mark Brvnovich ignorantly tries to bash California in an attempt to somehow boost his own *accomplishments.

He uses this NRF organized retail crime survey on two occasions to bash California. He states the following:

According to a 2020 survey by the National Retail Federation, three of the top 10 cities affected by organized retail crimes are in California.

We expect our efforts will deter such theft and hope our task force becomes a model for California and other states.

Here is the actual report he’s referencing.

The issue with this report is there’s an almost perfect correlation to the cities impacted by crime and the largest cities by GDP. You can compare the list yourself here.

This clearly isn’t a problem associated to policy as much as it is just a problem that comes with having a successful local economy. Perhaps instead of pointlessly bashing our neighbors to gain political points we could just focus on ourselves? Please Arizona can we just start electing normal human beings to our run our state?