Extract JPG frames from MP4 files using Python and Google Colab

I’m working on creating some 3d models of properties that I’m interested in purchasing. In order to do this I need a bunch of JPG files to import them into Open Drone Map. This will create 3d renderings as well as topographic maps. The issue is I only have videos from my DJI. I didn’t actually take pictures. If you google MP4 to JPG there are a bunch of free online tools but there are two issues. The first is there is a maximum file size limit. The second is some will watermark the JPG files.

So here is a small Python script I created that runs on Google Colab. It mounts to your Google Drive so you can easily import and export the videos and images.

If you’re unsure how to mount Google Drive in Colab follow the steps on this other article I wrote on exporting your Audible books to MP3

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