Delta Variant is Coming and I’m not Concerned.

If you look at the cases of the Delta variant of Covid coming out of the UK it looks alarming and it appears we’re getting ready to get another wave of Covid to shut down the world. But not so fast.

Let’s take a look at the hospitalization and the death rate.

Hospitalizations are clearly ticking up but clearly not with the velocity of the infection rate.

Death rate although lagging appears to be the same.

Pretty flat given what the first and second waves did to the UK.

One of two things are happening. Either A, the delta variant is not as deadly. Or B, the vaccinations are working.

But what about the kids? Kids or people under 20 haven’t really been impacted by Covid. Deaths aren’t a perfect summary of this. But they do give you an idea of the impact. You can extrapolate the hospitalizations based on these figures.

I would be concerned if I was elderly, had pre-existing conditions, or wasn’t vaccinated. Meaning I would still wear a mask and social distance. But outside of those parameters, this new variant does not appear to be nearly as deadly as the first for people who are vaccinated.

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